Swipe among 10 000+ movies


Save movies in your watch list


Get info about where the movie is available to stream, rent or buy


Match watch lists with your friends, family, partner or date



Swipe, Save, Find, Match

Choosing a movie to watch has never been faster or simpler - whether you are watching alone or together with someone!


Meet the team behind the APP!

Anna Leijon Filmis the APP

"Finding a movie to watch was dreadful before we made Filmis. I lost my mood several times when having to go back and forth between different apps, movie lists, IMDB and critics' scores. With Filmis, I have everything in one place!"

Anna Leijon
Joakim Lustig Filmis the APP

"With Filmis, I always know what to watch and where to watch it. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!"

Joakim Lustig


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